Powering the Supply Chain™

Idealliance, a global think tank, is a non-profit graphic communications industry organization with 12 strategically located offices around the world. Idealliance serves brands, OEMs, service providers in print and packaging, content & media creators, fulfillment, mail delivery, creative agencies/teams, material suppliers, and innovators & developers worldwide. We do our work through ISO Standards Innovation, Print and Digital Workflows & Technologies Development & Integration, Technical Research & Industry Insights, Certification, Training, Brand & Facility Auditing Programs and serves as a Global Super Connector for brands, service providers, & OEMs throughout the world.  Our specifications have transformed the graphic communications industry by defining production workflows for color (GRACoL®, SWOP®, XCMYK™, G7®, BrandQ®), content management (PRISM®), mail supply (Mail.dat®, Mail.XML™), and paper (papiNet®). Idealliance is the world’s foremost certifying body for competencies, systems, materials and facilities, and Idealliance, a Liaison ‘A’ to ISO TC130,  is one of the world’s largest contributors and developers of ISO standards.


Idealliance Europe

AGL Color was established to work with clients that want to uphold their brand standards across all marketing materials and packaging. To introduce standards and techniques that ensure our clients productivity and competitiveness in the market has increased.

From October 2017, Idealliance and AGL Color have formed a partnership to advance Idealliance specifications across Europe and to serve as the sole agent for Idealliance programs in that region. Through our shared capacity for collaboration and innovation, our aim is to provide an open environment driven by our members that can strategize, innovate, standardize and implement solutions to the challenges present to the graphic community in Europe.