What we do…

We collaborate with Brand Managers, Designers, Marketeers and Printers so that expectations are communicated correctly through the supply chain, saving unnecessary design issues, color corrections and press downtime and to ensure brand integrity.
We are an Irish owned company based in Madrid, Spain. We provide an on-site Press Approval service adhering only to the highest standards for our clients.

Working with us on a Press Approval…

Linen Glass
You’ve finished the design, captured images, completed the page layout, checked and rechecked the output. It’s time to roll the presses…

First and foremost, make sure your printer fully understands the nature of the job. Provide the printer and AGL with a comprehensive dummy of the job. We can double-check the specifications to avoid any last-minute pressroom or bindery problems.

Prior to sending your job to the printer, ask these questions…

Do you have clear specifications?

  • Review the specifications and communicate them clearly. Check that you have not omitted any important details such as paper(substrate), colors requiring special inks, or coatings or varnish that can add to the cost or turnaround time.
  • To avoid communication errors, underscore any specifications that may have changed from the original price estimate and discuss with your printer how these will affect the final cost of the job

AGL Press Approval
Have our expectations been communicated correctly?

  • A digital proof represents the digital file, indicates element position, and acts as an overall color simulation of the printed piece.
  • By the time the job goes to the press, all edits should be final, the copy carefully proofread, and design issues settled.
  • The copy should have been pre-approved and signed off by the customer.
  • If your final proof has corrections indicated, how will you know if these changes were made? Once on press, you do not want surprises that require copy, film, or plate remakes of any kind.
  • Downtime on the press for copy rework means cost over- run and lost profit to your bottom line.
  • Do not go to press with copy or color corrections marked on the proofs.


What to expect from AGL at a Press Approval?

When checking a press sheet, we look to see that…

  • The correct paper (substrate) is being used.
  • The press sheet provides a good visual match to the proof.
  • The entire content of the proof is on the press sheet.
  • There are no unwanted defects such as streaks, scratches, hickeys, or ghosts. Color is consistent from one sheet to another. All elements are in register.
  • Using a Techkon Spectrodens Spectrophotometer we verify any spot colors are printing correctly, all CMYK values are to standard and the nominal gray balance has been achieved across the sheet.
  • When work has to printed to a particular target print condition such as GRACoL, Swop or Fogra, our knowledge of G7 Expert protocols ensures that final print is exactly as the client expected.
  • With color bars /media wedges that have been positioned within the imageable area of the press sheet, we can produce clear and detailed post analytic reports of every job.
  • These reports can be used to record trending across the supply chain, color parameters for re-orders of the same work and most importantly to ensure that the printer charged with producing the work has the capabilities to do so.

Virtual PrinterCurve 4 Report

Our in-house color expert is a certified G7 Expert, BrandQ Expert and a Color Management Professional Master.


This service is available worldwide, contact Alan at 0034 644 610 068 for pricing and scheduling.