Applying Standardisation To Your Supply Chain…

Whether you’re a printer or a brand manager, color consistency is nonnegotiable. You need to be sure your prints are depicted accurately across multiple printing types and substrates. Brand integrity depends on it.

Communication between a brand and their suppliers is the key to unlocking faster turnaround and reduced costs. AGL work with both the Brand and their print supply chain to optimise this communication to improve quality, efficiency and provide quality validation based on industry standards and best practices.


Working With AGL…

There have been unprecedented changes to the printing sector in recent years that have enabled brands to have more control of their print supply chain. Not least the availability of affordable technology on the market that facilitates the measurement and validation of printed materials across a supply chain. A quality control system that would have been considered too expensive and cumbersome only 10 to 15 years ago, is now common place amongst brands from the smallest start-up looking to grow, to the largest brands in the world.

AGL offers a consultancy service that utilises these technological advances in spectrophotometry and measurement data collection software. This coupled with our expertise in the field of standardisation (Idealliance European Affiliate / Print Properties and Colorimetric Committee member), we can create very substantial savings to any brand´s printing budget.


The Big Idea…


  • Communicate expectations to supply chain
  • Check supply chain capabilities before using
  • All design done using proofs based on specification
  • No more ‘design on press’
  • Designing what can be printed



  • All proofs aligned to print specification and brand proofs
  • All spot colors aligned to LAB values 
  • Check printed results to assess supplier performance
  • Supply chain to perform same check before shipping



  • On-site print quality education for brands and printers so everyone speaks the same language
  • Supported by online certification coursework for all stakeholders in the workflow



Why AGL Consultancy?

AGL Color is the European affiliate of Idealliance. ISO recognises Idealliance as the world´s foremost certifying body in the graphic communications marketplace. One of 12 global offices, we work with some of the largest brands and print service providers through our G7 and BrandQ programs. AGL Color, is the only company in Europe that has on staff, a certified G7 Process Control and BrandQ Supply Chain Expert.

A BrandQ Supply Chain Expert assesses key aspects such as process capability, performance, process control, color management, ISO Standards implementation, proof and press alignment, spot color rendering, pre-media capabilities and G7 calibration.





Benefits of Working With a BrandQ Expert:

  • Communicate expectations more clearly across supply chain
  • Validate supply chain capabilities
  • Reduce design time, speed turnaround, and need for press checks
  • Improve consistency across multiple locations and print methods
  • Offer a complete quality strategy to maintain brand integrityBrandQ



Benefits of Print Standardisation:

  • Reduced design times, faster turnaround as design occurs internally
  • Reduced cost of proofing and shipping prior to print
  • Reduced need for on-site press checks, travel
  • Reduced waste and make ready time during press runs
  • Data for purchasing and print buyers to assess supply chain performance
  • Clear expectations for supply chain partners regarding acceptable work
  • Overall increase in consistency, efficiency and savings
  • Higher consistency in reprints



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For all information regarding our consultancy service, contact Alan Lawlor
Tel: 0034 644 610 068